Recap // Conference Madrid (2017)

Recap of Our 2017 Madrid Conference


Flashback to 2017, when we embarked on the vibrant streets of Madrid for one of our most remarkable conferences. An annual congregation hosted by The Future of Advertising, the event was a platform where minds, ideas, and innovation collided to sculpt the realm of advertising.

Centered in the heart of Spain’s capital, the conference was attended by numerous advertising professionals, businesses, and enthusiasts seeking to boost their knowledge and skills in the dynamic industry.

From inspiring panel discussions to insightful workshops and presentations, the Madrid conference was a whirlpool of learning and networking. Key industry figures such as Raj Patel and Benjamin Thompson led captivating sessions on international advertising laws and paid advertising respectively, generating lively discussions and defining the event’s success.

Our female speakers, particularly Amanda Johnson and Laura White, broke the ceiling with their profound knowledge in SEO optimization, analytics, and social media marketing. Their sessions not only drew a lot of interest but also set the tone for the importance of diversified strategies in advertising.

Breakout sessions included hands-on experiences with the latest tools and cutting-edge strategies that are shaping the advertising world. Highlighting successful case studies, interactive demos, and vast industry insights, participants were engaged and enriched at every turn.

But the Madrid conference wasn’t solely about business. The city itself, known for its vivacious spirit and cultural richness, played a pivotal role in enhancing the overall experience. Evening networking dinners and cocktail hours encouraged attendees to forge valuable connections in a more relaxed, yet equally stimulating, atmosphere.

Looking back, our 2017 Madrid conference was an extraordinary blend of knowledge, networking, and culture. It not only solidified our place as a thought-leader in the industry but also set a solid foundation for our future conferences. As we continue to create and foresee the future of advertising, we’re excited about the many more such memorable events on the horizon.

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