Recap // Workshop Barcelona (2019) // PR & Outreach

Recap of Our 2019 Workshop in Barcelona


In 2019, The Future of Advertising hosted a dynamic workshop in the vibrant city of Barcelona. Focused on PR campaigns, client acquisition, data-driven strategies, and journalistic outreach, it was an enriching rendezvous of knowledge exchange and skill enhancement.

The spectacularly intense day began with a session devoted to the art of signing clients for PR campaigns. Experts shared strategic tips, from understanding client needs to presenting effective proposals and maintaining long-term relationships. Attendees appreciated the practical tips and engaging role-play scenarios simulating real-life client interactions.

In the next segment, we shone light on creating data-driven PR campaigns. Participants were led through each step, creating targeted campaigns using analytics and metrics to drive desired outcomes. The workshop covered everything from identifying key metrics to using various data analysis tools for tracking and optimizing each campaign.

The last, but certainly not the least thrilling part of the day, was devoted to journalistic outreach using modern tools like Muckrack and Roxhill. This session brought an immense level of interest, as attendees were keen on understanding how PR and journalism intertwine in the modern advertising landscape. Our experts walked everyone through effective utilization of these tools, strategically reaching out to journalists, building healthy media relationships, and maximizing PR impact.

The Barcelona workshop was not only about learning; our participants also had ample opportunities for networking and building new relationships. The beautiful city added a unique flavor to these interactions, fostering a warm, friendly, and interactive atmosphere.

In conclusion, our 2019 Workshop in Barcelona left an indelible mark on our participants’ professional journey. We look forward to creating, shaping, and sharing more of such invaluable experiences in the future of advertising!

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